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Dick Cheney 2010



Because, as David Swindle at NewsRealBlog points out, Cheney is the most hated American on the Left’s hit list.

One of the key lessons to learn from Cheney is this: do not care what the Left thinks of you. Their opinion of you and your policies is irrelevant. Just let it bounce off and proceed with defending America. That’s what Cheney did during the Bush years and what we must do today and tomorrow.

To be hated – vicerally hated – by the ‘progressive’ Left is to be a perceived threat to their precious conceits. A threat, not just in the argument – but a threat who understands the uses of power, their only goal.

Which takes me to my point: Like Ronald Reagan, Cheney understands the purposes and uses of power. He also understands its limits. More: If he announced tomorrow, he would drive the debate where it should go. Someone more closely like Dick Cheney in character and outlook would win – and we need someone like that who could lead a Congress.

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