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Hey, Dan, the Grass is much Greener Over Here!


Dan Riehl – blogger extraordinaire – has stepped to the Dark Side.  Tired of ‘establishment’ GOP types using him as water-boy.  He has warnings for the GOP and I’m with him completely.

Yesterday was something of a turning point for me. I’ve begun un-subscribing from my GOP-related feeds and telling Hill-based sources to remove me from their email lists. I’m not going to stop blogging politics. But I’m done giving the benefit of the doubt to the GOP establishment.

I don’t believe the insurgency from the Left the Democrat Party experienced served that party well. They may have elected a president, but they are going to be hurt badly in the fall. [Nice double-entendre, Dan. – Ed.] The problem is, I think they are going to be hurt because of themselves, and not because of anything the GOP has to offer.

True for both Parties.

I’m into the grass-roots as a bit of a weed-puller, myself, working directly with conservative Republicans’ and Libertarians’ campaigns.  Proselytizing.

I read Dan’s posts precisely because I don’t always agree with him.  Thing is, his thoughts have been well worth the time.  He also digs for facts and makes the occasional scoop.  The guy works hard and he reports honestly.

I’ve got a short-list of decent bloggers over there —->

Please visit their sites and contribute to the Re-volution.

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