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SCOTUS McDonald v Chicago Decision – (short) Round-up


Download the decision, here.

. . ., sure, ma'am.

. . .

Ace, of course, has some well-informed questions.

The New York Sun offers an editorial congratulation to SCOTUS.

American Spectator’s Ross Kaminsky with tough questions.

Human Events’ David Coia offers some thoughts.


Long-mulled-over InstaThoughts from Glenn Reynolds.

Soon, scholarship accumulated, and it was possible even to speak of a ”Standard Model” of the Second Amendment, in which the linguistic, structural, and historical elements came together to explain, in a widely accepted way, why the Second Amendment did, in fact, protect an individual right to own guns.

…not that I’ll ever get a ‘Lanche or nothin’. [You’re dreaming, pal. – Ed]

Judicial review was intended by the Framers to be a backup system, not the main source of protection. That was intended to come from the people — and realistically, because if people don’t stand up for their own rights, courts are unlikely to take up the slack for long. (Especially when, as here, the protection comes in a 5-4 decision).

Which leads to an old principle: Use It or Lose It. The point being, that Liberty balances rights with obligations. Having the right to self defense requires the moral obligation to take steps to learn to do so. I’m saying that law-abiding adults have a moral obligation to defend the home and their persons, or at the very least, gracefully permit that of other citizens. When one grants the State – or any ‘organization’ – the monopoly on violence, one becomes a slave.

. . .

Who says flintlocks aren’t sexy? Just ask Smitty and the Official Rule 5 Roundup!

Hey – I wonder if Joey Gibson is NRA?


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