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Democracy is not the solution.


[Update: We’ve changed the title of this post.  The original was unkind and condescending. Our apologies – Ed.]

If you seek peace, seek first Liberty. ‘Tis rare when I disagree with Michael Ledeen.  Happy Birthday, Modern World is just such an occasion.

That’s what the 4th is, the modern world’s birthday.  Those who signed the Declaration knew it was a revolutionary event–rulers must henceforth be accountable to the people, because the people are endowed with God-given rights–and they were right.  Wave after wave of democratic revolution have swept the world ever since.

Yes – like the Reign of Terror in France and the Bolshies in Russia and elsewhere that spawned dictatorships of the proletariats. Power struggles are power struggles – proving over and over ad banalum that merely obtaining “voting rights” is no guarantee of liberty or security.  Indeed, democracy’s ultimate product has always been corruption because people realize how easy it is to vote themselves their neighbors’ property and rights.  The revolutions post 1776 in Europe, especially, were poor cousins to the American Revolution in that not a one produced anything close to the expansion of individual liberty and personal responsibility to be found in “the American Colonies.”

Democracy is not the same as Liberty.  Tocqueville’s Democratie was Liberty.  America’s revolution was precisely not a democratic phenomenon but rather a constitutional republican one, one that put real limits on the powers of government and real limits on democratic encroachment upon Liberty.  More than two centuries later that full-hearted Liberty is only now finding root in Europe’s mindset.  It may take many years, even generations to blossom to tangible political expression.  It is ironic and paradoxical that European-style democracy is exactly the toxin being spread today in America by the modern Left.

Today the basic premises of our revolution are under murderous attack from quintessential counterrevolutionaries at home and around the world.  It is too soon to be able to predict the outcome, but we should take some comfort from the fact that the revolutionaries are fighting back.  The counterrevolutionaries did not expect that;  they thought we were weak and feckless, and maybe even wanted to be dominated.  Wrong, as so often over the past two centuries plus.

Exactly right.  Frighteningly, soberingly right.  More: The Left’s assumption that we were weak and feckless is yet another example of their thing for ‘projection.’  They are indeed the weak and feckless… Stand up to a bully and the bully will fold.  That we are now doing.

“Freedom is not America’s gift to the world, it is the almighty God’s gift to every man and woman in the world.”
– President G. W. Bush

It is imperative that we on the Right stop talking about that vile thing known as Democracy — it is exactly what we don’t want.  America is a Constitutional Republic.  It is imperative that we understand the difference between the two if we are to have any hope of restoring America.
Bob Belvedere

The Fourth of July is not the modern world’s birthday – not yet.

UPDATE: MindNumbedRobot has related thoughts.

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/07/07 12:44


    The Left’s assumption that we were weak and feckless is yet another example of their thing for ‘projection.’ They are indeed the weak and feckless… Stand up to a bully and the bully will fold. That we are now doing.

    I’m reminded of the scene in A Christmas Story where the bullied Ralphie can’t take Scott Farkus’s treatment anymore and so he administers a massive thrashing to the green-toothed bully. Result: problem solved.

    • bobbelvedere permalink
      2010/07/07 12:49

      Oops: The name is Scut Farkus. Apologies rendered.

    • 2010/07/07 13:10

      Thanks Bob – It’s going to involve a lot more than standing up, athwart History and yelling “Stop!” They’ve been “nudging” us for close on a century. It’s time for some genuine shove-back. That’s where the courage becomes a serious commodity. Charges of racism, callousness – it will all be thrown at us.

  2. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/07/07 15:27

    I am honored.


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