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Bumping “Hide the Decline” up a Notch…


The precipitous decline in the credibility of branches of Academia related to the Great Climate Swindle has just been smoothed-over with yet another set of “tricks” pulled right from East Anglia’s repertoire.

AmSpecBlog’s Paul Chesser: Climategate’s Wite-Out Week

Less than seven days ago Penn State University finished their Bic Brand Wite-Out Quick Dry Correction Fluid job (hey, I had to find an alternative to the overused “whitewash”) on an “investigation” of Climategate hockey stick constructionist Michael Mann, completing the exoneration they started work on earlier this year.

Today it was the University of East Anglia’s turn to produce results of a similar allegedly “independent” investigation, led by British government- and academia-crat Sir Muir Russell, of their Climatic Research Unit’s role in Climategate.

. . .

No ‘dip’ here either folks. Move along, move along…

What's for dinner, Mann?

. . .

UPDATE: “Green Yahoo” has an hilarious bit of apologetics on offer.  The UK Register’s report is a tad more critical.

[Tip o’ the kippah to Matt Drudge. – Ed.]

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