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US Blocks International Iranian Commercial Aircraft Refueling?


Via GlobalSecurity.Org: Official: Iranian Planes Denied Fuel in UK, Germany, UAE

Mr. Obama said Thursday that the new sanctions will strike “at the heart” of Tehran’s ability to fund and develop its alleged nuclear weapons program.

Which, if the Obama administration’s pattern holds, means precisely the opposite of it’s stated purpose: US lead sanctions against civilian Iranian targets will likely lead to greater difficulties for the Iranian theocratic regime’s domestic political opposition. Shall we take wagers that the regime will proceed apace with nuclear arms development… eventually citing such ‘hostile’ acts as the need for ‘defensive’ weapons?

Yahoo News points to conflicting reports: WRAPUP 1-Iran says planes get fuel; EU bans some for safety.

TEHRAN, July 6 – Iranian planes continue to refuel at airports around the world, an official said on Tuesday, a day after an Iranian news report said aircraft had been denied fuel in Germany, Britain and a Gulf Arab state due to U.S. sanctions.

The Financial Times said oil major BP had stopped refuelling Iranian jets, a move which would add to a growing list of companies shunning trade with the Islamic state amid a U.S.-led drive to isolate Tehran over its nuclear programme.

[. . .]

But Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast called reports that some countries were refusing fuel supplies to Iranian planes part of a “psychological war”.

“This news is not right. No such limitation has been imposed,” Mehmanparast told a news conference.

“The spread of inaccurate news is done in line with creating a negative atmosphere. It’s a kind of psychological war against our people.”

More later.

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