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Retro Rule Five: The Sketchwork of Frank Frazetta


Frank Frazetta’s sketchwork tells us of his passion for the female line. No mere observer, he… Frank liked women. Three sketches – color, pencil and ink are presented below.

Frazetta’s work is in the tradition of 19th century artists Giacomo Grosso and Luis Ricardo Falero… His portraits are energetic and lustful. They are an honestly masculine appreciation for the feminine.

[We’ve taken the opportunity to color-balance and clean-up dustmarks from the original photo processes.  As with all RR5 images, hit them for a full-size clear sample. – Ed.]

. . .

Frank Frazetta: Bride of the Vampire

. . .

. . .

Frank Frazetta: (untitled)

. . .

[ITEM REMOVED: With apologies to artist Pepe Gonzalez]

. . .

Smitty has more Rule 5 delights on tap.

Bob Belveder serves up MARYA CARTER….

Bob Belveder reminds us of a tender portrait by Sieffert that we’ve dubbed “Nue Avec Mirroir”….

7 Comments leave one →
  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/07/09 00:45

    Thanks for the link.

    I think the middle one is him at his best: more realistic.

  2. 2010/07/09 13:59

    Thanks Bob – I’m partial to his more interpretive and fantastical work.

  3. randy harris permalink
    2010/10/31 16:36

    My friend and artist Gregg Griffin says Frazetta was the best.

  4. 2010/10/31 17:48

    Thanks Randy!

  5. mike permalink
    2011/01/08 17:57

    that vampirella drawing is not frazetta.
    probably tony dezuniga.

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