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I Ghost-wrote Part of Steven Givler’s Contribution to Mort Zuckerman’s Speech Prepared for Obama…


You know all those I, me, my, mine’s? I added those to give the speech a bit of self-conscious whimsy.  Think of it a vicarious narcissism.

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  1. 2010/07/14 11:05

    So many ghostwriters, so little substance…

    • 2010/07/14 12:57

      Heh. Yes.

      Has the Won ever had an original thought in his life? Some claim that “Nightmares from Pops” was a puff-piece written by Bill Errs (and by puff, I mean on drugs.) I doubt it was; Errs may instead have done significant editing or compiling of earlier transcript elements. Even if nothing, there are a lot of Errs’ phrases and style in the book. Influence at the very least.

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