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Maggie’s Notebook on Michele Bachmann: 9-Point Lead


The Notebook’s Liberty Belle on Michele Bachmann:

Conservatives are expecting a tough US House race for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) in Minnesota’s 6th District, but she has pulled it out before and I believe she will do it again.

. . .

Minnesota's Liberty Belle Michele Bachmann

. . .

Bachmann isn’t a shoo-in, but with the blogosphere’s help we can tug her over the line.

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  1. 2010/07/14 03:29

    Ran, thanks so much for this. I hardly know how to access this race. She has made it across the line under 50% twice now, but this year Libs want her gone badly, and her opponent talks a slightly, wee-bit talk.

    Just love that Liberty Belle:-)

  2. 2010/07/14 05:54

    So many ghost writers, so little substance…

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