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Retro Rule Five: Luis Ricardo Falero’s The Double Star, ca. 1881


From the website:

Luis Falero is one of the most distinguished and original artists of our day. Although he has his studio in Paris, he was born at Grenada in Spain, in 1851. He was intended for the Spanish navy, and was carefully educated to that end in Madrid, England, and Paris.

“The Double Star,” by Luis Falero, is another of his wonderful adaptations of a suggestion of astronomical science to the uses of art. The original picture was a sensation of the Salon of 1881.

. . .

Luis-Ricardo Falero: The Double Star, ca. 1881

. . .

Falero’s beautiful ‘The Planet Venus’ is featured here.   His luscious ‘Reclining Nude’ of 1879 is here.  One of his most famous classics, ‘Moonlit Beauties’ ca. 1880 is here.

Blogbuddy Bob gets floored: Dig Adrienne Lavalley and Megyn Kelly’s true hotness.

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/07/14 18:34


    [and thanks]

  2. 2010/08/02 13:43

    You know, honestly… that’s absolutely beautiful

    • 2010/08/02 14:02

      Thanks RR!
      For the record, classical liberty’s view of women ain’t nuthin’ like the preferences of most of today’s anti-feminine creative directors. Bob B and I share a mission… to give honest testosterone *and* refined taste something to enjoy.
      We’re romping through the classics. Charge!


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