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Via Drudge: Billboard Linking Obama to Hitler Draws Complaints. Sabotage?


[Upperdate: PULLED!  Smitty has related thoughts.]

[Updated below.]

One wonders if this isn’t classic agent-provocateur work.   Via Drudge and Yahoo/AP:

DES MOINES, Iowa – A billboard created by an Iowa tea party group that compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin is drawing sharp criticism — even from fellow tea party activists who have condemned it as offensive and a waste of money.

. . .

Fascism, Statism, Socialism...

. . .

‘Tis a waste of money, and a needless provocation: One wonders if the over-the-top rhetoric isn’t deliberate sabotage. That this administration’s philosophy is Power of the State is no news, so why the backwards-looking counter-productive nonsense?

Smarter to spend the money on grass-roots vote-getting.  A positive, future-looking message will sell better anyway.

. . .

Update thoughts:  A leftie blogger linked here, who’s attitude and style are worth examination, specifically comments about Glenn Beck’s 8/28 ‘Restoring Honor’ event in DC:

Although they hilariously describe it as a “non-political event,” what Restoring Honor will actually be, of course, is a jingoistic anti-Obama rally and mass affirmation of the teabaggers, gun nuts, birthers, deathers, and Tenthers intent on overturning the government by any means necessary. And there on the fringes of the fringe, desperately hoping to be noticed, will be the Quislings of GOProud.

[Dude forgot to add that we want to rule the world via Christian Theocracy. – Ed.] It’s exactly the style of the obnoxious billboard. The point being, if the Tea Party movement wants credibility with the Right and those shopping about, it must continue to deliver its message in a mature, positive fashion and to come out critically against anything that smells of Alinsky.

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  1. Larry Sheldon permalink
    2010/07/15 22:55

    I was convinced (and hopeful) that this is sabotage, because it makes no sense what ever for our side to be doing it.

    • 2010/07/16 00:01

      Larry, thanks. Yep. It got pulled. Whoever it was, I hope it’s out of their system… there’s a huge push-back effort to get rollin’.

  2. 2010/07/20 01:48

    I agree the billboard is/was a waste of money, but I see validity in the comparisons of three types of socialism. I hope we never get to the point that we are afraid to point out a very real fact, that Obama is a Socialist. And I do not see it as racist.

    I also believe that Obama has preyed on many in this country. Some are fearful, a few are naive, others are furious. Arizonans are fearful, some Philadelphia voters are fearful and a few were among them were naive that day that the Black Panthers stalked. I’m sure New Yorkers had nightmares awaiting the KSM trial and now they haven’t a clue where the trial will be. Our small business owners are certainly preyed upon and are likely fearful about their futures.

    About the murder comparisons, if someone sees that. – Actually, I think that is what everyone saw. Obama is on his way. So are you and I. We’re funding abortion all over the world.

    In short, I think the billboard was an accurate representation, but having said that, I really wish we were not having these controversies within the Tea Party movement. I would prefer the billboard not give the Left cannon fodder.

    Hey Ran – hi!

    • 2010/07/20 02:47

      Liberty Belle! With ya.
      When these people use the term “freedom of worship” they really mean that we should be free to prey upon our neighbors.

      • 2010/07/20 03:17

        Thanks Ran, oh yes, and they also mean that our freedom of worship means we worship as they wish – either no worship at all or Islam. I do feel preyed upon by this administration (I think I’ve already said that:-)

        Liberty Belle (still love that!)

  3. Larry Sheldon permalink
    2010/07/20 02:48

    Yes the billboard was accurate. I could not agree more.

    But the world can be cleanly divided into two groups on thsi one.

    One group already knows that the billboard is accurate and the is no particular value in telling them again–they are acutely aware of its accuracy.

    The other group has no idea what it says but can see the picture of The Adored Won next to Hitler’s (they probably don’t know who the other guy is–I saw him identified as Stalin, somewhere) and they have a reflex reaction to seeing their Blessed Won’s picture near Hitler’s since Everybody Knows that the Rabid Right are NAZIs (nevermind that that is a German acronym for the National Socialist Worker’s Party).

    • 2010/07/20 03:15

      I agree Larry. I hate that we’ve had all these “things” lately. The National Federation of Tea Parties “expelled” The Tea Party Express (the most visible of all the Tea Parties) from the Federation for an absolutely lethal letter Mark Williams wrote. And the billboard. And the msm is still spreading the lies about John Lewis being called the “n” word. The fact that they can’t prove anything, with a $100,000 reward out there, and cameras everywhere, hasn’t stopped these brazen prevaricators.

      The assaults will be steady and strong. We must be the same. And we must answer back loudly, with Liar! and seek a mic to speak out about it. We can no longer be quite. We have to push back.

      Failure to do so is why Obama is in office. The press would report nothing. Somehow, we must be heard.

      Yes, the Left needs some education on Nazism. The public perception is based on lies. Same with facism.

      It’s a good discussion.

    • 2010/07/20 12:17

      Thanks Larry.
      The balding dude is one Vladimir Ilyich ‘Lenin’, one of Russia’s bolshies and leader of the ‘glorious revolution’ of 1917. Not strictly marxist, though he did rely heavily on marxist principles. Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” is the definitive work on the subject of the statist-collectivist origins and policies of the European and American variants of fascism.

  4. Larry Sheldon permalink
    2010/07/20 03:23

    I don’t really are what you think about Glenn Beck–it would be nice if you agreed with me that he has an important message to deliver and sometimes get incredibly annoying in delivering it….it doesn’t matter.

    But he is calling for a pledge to principals which I think are important for us to follow.

    Please look at the piece (I’ll point to it in a moment).

    If you agree, take what ever action seems right.

    If you disagree, you don’t need to say anything here about it.

    If you you think it is evil, you probably should come back here and warn people.

    But I think that if we are not guided by something like what he says, we are doomed.

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