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Content, content, content.


Success in blogging is all about content.  Then comes content…  and then, well, note what happens when one’s blog content drops off:


‘Round about the 8th was when Smitty ‘n Bob linked R/SVP.  Your host became rather preoccupied with non-blogging matters, and the traffic tanks.  The Gods were not pleased…

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/07/19 04:26

    This happens to everybody, I’ve found out, in mid to late July. That’s why last year Stacy McCain declared the International Bikini Fest – to help all of us boost traffic – and it worked. I’m going to head over there right now and ask him about it [hint: it’s easier to get him to respond to a question if you leave a comment rather than send an e-mail].

  2. 2010/07/19 13:49

    Hey Bob – you’re just the man with the bikini archive. I’m going to have to think “out of the bikini” as it were. Hmmm

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