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Sexy Provocative Photo of Hot Libertarian/Conservative Kristin Davis



From Eric Dondero:

Kristin Davis is the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate for Governor of New York. She is a Libertarian. She is a follower of individual liberty philosopher Ayn Rand and a devotee of free market economics. She is a staunch supporter of drug legalization. She is also pro-defense and a patriot.

Kristin Davis, (2010 Andrew Reid Photography)

Heh. I love it when bait ‘n switch means “come for the view, stay for the taxes!” Better a dozen more Kristins that a dozen more Cuomos, any day.

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  1. 2010/07/19 21:31

    And she’s a whole lot easier to look at than ANY Cuomo I’ve ever seen, including that Kennedy turned Cuomo turned Kennedy again.


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