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Mark Williams’ Tea Party Express Gets Tossed Under the Bus…


Can’t claim he didn’t have it coming. Comments such as Williams’ are totally antithetical to the movement. [My question is, how long before he guest-hosts for Ed Schultz or posts for Huffington? – Ed.]

Then there’s the BS of a “National Tea Party Federation.”  The whole point of the Tea phenomenon is local grass-roots action – such as taking the Republican Party back to it’s Libertarian roots one precinct at a time, not time-diverting constructions of yet more layers of national political bureaucracy and Sunday-show invites.  Note to David Webb… Thanks, pal, have a nice time on TeeVee, but you ain’t getting a freaking dime from me.

It’s a long fast day – T’sha b’Av – and I’m in a snarky mood.  [What, your readers couldn’t tell? – Ed.]

Tip ‘ the hat to Maggie “Liberty Belle” ThorntonCheers!

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  1. 2010/07/23 01:34

    Thanks again Ran for the link. You are very generous! You said this well. I can’t imagine the people who show for tea parties, just wanting to display their signs and their thoughts, wave their flags and stand behind conservatives give a fig for tea party brass.

    I thought the Tea Party Express bus was very cool, but…

    • 2010/07/23 01:46

      Hi Maggie.
      You hit it. That’s the thing liberals – especially liberals – just can’t fathom: libertarian types aren’t much into leaders or into being lead. Adulthood kinda does that to one. ;-]

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