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“Tell the truth: you don’t really know what a revolution looks like, do you?”


Tell the truth, Michael?  I’m game:

For starters, the condescension was gratuitous. Never mind Iran, we are living in counter-revolutionary times. We are actively engaged in restoration of the Republic from totalitarian Democratic malfeasance. Dude, it’s all around us, and it’s past 11th hour, and we know exactly what it looks like. Our eyes and ears are wide open. Revolution is always a process, not merely an event. Restoration will be no different.

In Revolution, Iranian and Otherwise Michael Ledeen reminds us of the varied nature of the process we call Revolution.  He touches on revolutionary leadership, the occurrence (or not) of violence and of the role of external interference.

For at least 10 years, the very idea of an Iranian Revolution was dismissed as fanciful, both by academic experts and government policymakers (most notably those in the intelligence community). The dictatorship in Tehran was seemingly in firm control, and while there was certainly economic misery and social discontent, nobody — aside from a handful of us — could see anything like a revolutionary movement, nor the sort of charismatic leadership necessary to lead it. All of a sudden, following the bogus elections of last summer, a vast movement suddenly emerged, and there were big demonstrations all over the country, demanding an end to the Islamic Republic.

Nobody knows whether the Green Movement will be able to bring down this evil regime, or even when and how it is likely to happen.

America’s Tea Party phenomenon has its parallels, yes? It, too, has charismatic leaders: George Washington and Ronald Reagan pop to mind. Otherwise, the Tea Party’s most fascinating characteristic is its decentralization and independence from charismatic leadership.

Moreover, we do know that the Tea Party movement will succeed in displacing this evil regime.  That, in and of itself, will be worthwhile, but it will be no more than a commencement.  There is one Hell of a lot of legislative toxin to purge from the US Code, and 300 million citizens to re-inform about God-given rights and responsibilities that comprise the idea that is America.  It could take a generation or more to re-establish Liberty.

Yeah, I know what revolution looks like… it stares me in the face when I shave.

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  1. 2010/07/20 18:49

    Yep. It looks like us. It looks like Americans.


  1. IBD: On the Imperial Presidency and the Second American Revolution « Si Vis Pacem

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