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Jed Babbin Strafes the NeoCons


Diving low and close, AmSpec’s Jed Babbin delivers the full nine yards to America’s “war” strategies of “counterinsurgency” and “nation building” in two passes, here and here.

Call it nation-building, call it counterinsurgency, the neocon way of war is based on the antihistorical idea that the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq are capable of resolution within those nations’ borders. It willfully ignores the conclusive influence that the intervention of foreign terror-sponsoring nations has.

Many of us who supported military action in Afghanistan and Iraq weren’t neocons then, and by condemning nation-building now aren’t turning coat.

Literally from the moment the towers of the World Trade Center fell, I have written that the nations that sponsor terrorism are our enemy, and that we cannot win this war unless and until we force them out of that business.

Michael Ledeen, too, has been warning us for years, even prior to 9/11.  [Hell… We’ve had massive forces arrayed as a pincer on two sides of Iran – AND WE’VE NEVER HAD THE BALLS TO DO SO MUCH AS TO SUPPORT IRANIAN CIVILIAN ANTI-MAHDIST FORCES THAT COULD HAVE TAKEN IRAN FROM THE INSIDE.  There was a time when only the threat of invasion would have been sufficient. – Ed.]

Babbin warns Conservatives that in order to win in 1012, they will need a clear, rational war strategy that rejects the expense and wasted lives of the Bush-Obama strategy.  It is likely that we will soon have to deal with a mahdist Iranian nuclear threat.  […or worse, a leftist Iranian nuclear threat – depending on who Mousavi turns out to be. – Ed.]

Buckle-up, folks.

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