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LR Exclusive: Republican Liberty Caucus Chair defends Illinois Libertarian Party in ballot access stand-off


Eric Dondero has the scoop:

The Libertarian Party of Illinois handed in over 48,000 signatures for ballot access for election year 2010, in late June. The required number of signatures was 25,000. Other parties, for example the Constitution Party, handed in only 35,000. The Green Party already has ballot status in Illinois as a result of an 8% showing by the candidate for Governor in 2006.Immediately, the signatures were challenged.

Illinois is a challenge state. If any citizen or group challenges the signatures of the third party, that party must undergo a grueling process of line-by-line signature validation, and hearings in front of an election board to justify signatures that may be unclear, or have disputed addresses.

The realpolitik strategy of the Left has been to unite behind the Jackass.  If Republicans are going to return to republicanism, then Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Constitutionists, Conservatives must create viable threats both from without and from within.  Illinois is on the way to doing it.  Barry Goldwater had it right: The conscience of a Conservative is Libertarian.

. . .

Time most pachyderms were sent packin'.

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  1. 2010/08/04 14:34

    This shows true Republicanism marching forth…for one reason, we are now reading the Constitution as never before.

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