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New York Sun Editorial: Palin’s Point


Today at Libertarian Republican Eric Dondero demonstrates that the Ground Zero Mosque location, via aerial map, is part of GZ site.  So much so that an aircraft landing gear – a heavy metal assembly – was recovered on the property.  So much for the dishonest suggestion that the location is discretely a few blocks north of the site.

. . .

Ground Zero and the triumphal return...

. . .

Part of Ground Zero.

. . .

From today’s New York Sun Editoral:

[…] President Obama, with his back-to-back statements on the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, has managed to get himself in a position where Sarah Palin has both the high ground and the practical route to progress. At the Iftar dinner at the White House, the president endorsed the constitutional rights of all religions in America to build houses of worship where they want to on private property. He spoke with his trademark eloquence, but he was off the point. So, as he toured the Gulf Coast, he took a powder, explaining that he was not commenting on what he called “the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there.” That was off point, too, enough so that the former Alaska governor finally took to her Facebook page:

“Mr. President, should they or should they not build a mosque steps away from where radical Islamists killed 3000 people? Please tell us your position. We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they? And, no, this is not above your pay grade. […]”

[Ouch. – Ed.] Palin continues in a few short sentences to show that the current occupier of the White House has voted ‘present’ rather than ask difficult questions. Which, in turn, points to regrettable weakness in the occupier.

Palin’s strength lies in her brutally honest analysis and evaluation. She thinks critically… a talent that can not be counterfeited by effete-intellectualism or “lofty rhetoric.”  She’s looking much smarter and much tougher than the occupier…

Continued the Sun:

Clearly there are a lot of questions to be sorted out in this affair. But one of them turns out to be this: How did one of the most intellectual presidents in history, a constitutional law professor with a government-provided staff of legal experts and policy geniuses and an ability, rarely if ever matched, to speak in lofty tones, manage to get himself in a position where he will end up following the lead of an ex-governor who has been constantly set down by the left as but a one-time beauty queen without brains and who has been watching the whole fracas from a lake-side camp at Alaska?

We should, of course, offer every legal and moral resistance, enough to shame – yes, SHAME – the Islamic community to withdraw support for the mosque. This is neither the time nor the place for such petty triumphalism. Every Westerner with a brain and a pair know what is at stake here.

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  1. 2010/08/15 18:47

    Thanks RAN, looks great!

    Oh, btw, some folks have contacted me about a Rand Paul Money Bomb. They might be in touch with you. Told them to contact you and others.

  2. 2010/08/22 18:51

    When Pam Geller first began talking about the landing gear in the Burlington Coat Factory, I began looking around the InterWeb. I found declaration after declaration branding her dishonest and saying the landing gear did not find it’s way through the ceiling of the BCF. So I shied away from that claim because I could find a definitive statement about it.

    Now it is embarrassing to say that I did find a definitive statement in the New York Times and they confirm that the landing gear ended up right where Geller said it had. I can’t tell you how scary it is to rely on the NYT for confirmation of anything, but I’m sure you understand this feeling of angst I have about it.

    This a great aerial showing the truth of the controversy.

  3. 2010/08/22 18:54

    Ran, I forgot to mention the point you are making about Palin: she is a critical thinker. She gets better by the day. By 2012 she will be formidable.

  4. 2010/08/23 02:12

    Liberty Belle! Thanks for the update.

    Heh… When I was a kid, sometime after flowering plants had evolved, the National Enquirer was the cage liner and the New York Times was America’s Newspaper of Record. Today’s Times is not worthy to wrap fish, and the Enquirer seems to be oddly trustworthy.

    Yeah… as the wag said, I can see November 2012 from my house.


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