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On Holidays! Shall Return…


Blogging may be sporadic ’round here.  Meeting our pal Libertarian Advocate for beer while we’re in town.

Heh… So my youngest daughter – Shevs – is assigned to read Orwell’s Animal Farm over the summer. She’s aghast: “Dad! This is so familiar!”   Yeah.  Ain’t it.

Don’t know about Russia… But I can see November from our house.

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  1. 2010/08/22 18:45

    Ran, hope you are having a relaxing time away from politics. You’ve mentioned Russia so I know you know Hillary hasn’t a single thing to say about them and Iran and the fueling-up, but she has been hard at work, nevertheless, solving the floods in Pakistan, and has deemed that the country is underwater due to global warming.

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