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Back! & Big Thanks to Libertarian Advocate!


Big thanks to LA for the beerL was right – the Ginger Man on Greenwich Ave is a great spot for a beer.  And yeah… the Mossberg 12 ga. pump is good kit.

Congrats and thanks to the Greenwich Chabad for it’s Shabbat services.

Thanks Liberty Belle for the comments

and thanks to someone for the spike in traffic while I was out.  Yipes!

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  1. 2010/08/23 03:03

    Ran: Great to meet you and your lovely wife even if only briefly for a beer. Let me know next time your in town, and next time we’ll get a table away from the din at the bar. Glad you made it back safely and in time for the start school.

  2. 2010/08/23 03:18

    Thanks again L! Shall do.

  3. 2010/08/23 10:16

    Welcome back – and I share your appreciation for the Mossberg.

  4. 2010/08/23 11:54

    Thanks Steven! Yeah… I had a chance to drop-in at Griffin & Howe’s gun shop, too. Shall blog it.

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