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Ohio Update: Eric Deaton for Federal Senate, more…


I’m supporting Constitutional Party’s Eric Deaton for Senate.

Mostly because he’s the real deal from a Libertarian-Conservative perspective and partly to tell the Ohio RINO’s that we are tired of fair-weather-conservatives such as Rob Portman being anointed.

I will also be supporting Republican incumbent Pat Tiberi. He deserves my full-hearted support.

. . .

Yeah! Vote For... um... Kasich?

Eric Dondero points out that Ohio’s Libertarians and Republicans are in sync, for the most part. So far, so good.

Dan Riehl showcases John Kasich’s goobernatorial run.  For the record, Kasich and Portman are beta.  They may be less undesirable than the utter disasters Ohio Democrats have on-offer, but I’m not going to pretend I’m not going to wear a gas-mask and nyplex gloves in the poling booth.

. . .

Speaking of RINO hunters, Stacy McCain reports that Alaska’s Joe Miller is being Frankened by incumbent Murkowski.

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