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Stacy McCain is following the RNC supported primary debacle in Alaska. RINO hunter Joe Miller may lose to shenanigans as Lisa Murkowski ‘Lawyers Up’

“Frankly we’re looking right now to make sure . . . that the votes are accounted for fairly without any type of game play,” [Miller] said. “[It] concerns us any time that somebody lawyers up and, you know, tries to pull an Al Franken if you will.”

You though Al Franken was funny?

Bob Belvedere notes that incumbent RINOs are desperate

…no-one promised us that culling the RINO infestation would be easy.

Stacy McCain offers more backgound over at The American Spectator.

Over at Red State, Erick Son of Erick piles-on.

UPDATE: Maggie “Liberty Belle” Thornton has related thoughts here.

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