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No Seatbelt? No problem!


From Libertarian Republican’s Eric Donder:
SD Republican for Congress Kristi Noem, a libertarian on speed limits and seat belt laws is reporting that libertarian-leaning Republican Kristi Noem has a bit of a lead foot and doesn’t particularly care for seat belt laws

Sorry for the cranky, pedantic tone… but I’ve not had enough coffee.

Libertarians are divided on many issues, including seat-belt laws.  I’m not a libertarian, depending upon the issue, but on this issue I side with libertarians subject to certain conditions.
UPDATE:  Eric Dondero kicks my, er, straightens me out on the issue: 

No, no, no, no, no. We are not divided at all on seat belt laws. It is a fundamental issue for libertarians. There’s no way anyone who calls themselves a “libertarian” can be in favor of seat belt laws.

We are divided on foreign policy, life issues, and privatization of prisons. But not seat belt laws.

I’d like the law to go something like this:  You don’t have to wear a seat belt.

…if your kid gets hurt because you failed to strap them in, it’s criminal negligence.  If you lose control of your vehicle and cause someone’s death, second-degree.  If you refuse to strap-in and you find insurance somewhat expensive, um…

Moreover, since libertarians are into the free market, let’s have insurance providers’ actuaries determine the real costs vs. voluntary seat-belt use and charge accordingly.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s less risky and less expensive to ditch the belt.  What if it isn’t?

It’s like the motorcycle helmet crowd.  No helmet?  No problem.  Just don’t ask me to cover your meds when you become a veggie, OK?  If your behaviors and choices put yourself or others at risk, please bear the costs yourself. ‘Tis all one can ask.

Liberals and libertarians differ in that while both claim to want freedom, liberals whine when you tell them they have to bear the costs themselves… Liberals, though, take it one evil step further: they chose to restrict everyone’s freedom in the vain effort to avoid the costs.

. . .

Time for that coffee..

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/08/31 21:13

    I side with the libertarians on helmet and seat belt laws, but also with you, Ran, on responsibilities.

    Insurance companies should be free to insure or not insure based on whatever criteria they choose.

    The gummit should stay totally out of the issue unless and until a legal dispute arises and then the courts of law may act, not the DA’s and Attorneys General, but civil courts.

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