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Re: Colonize Afghanistan


In response to Rev’ Graham’s  Colonize Afghanistan:

I suggest that we first successfully colonize America.  It is much larger in area, more topographically and climatically diverse, and the people are nearly impossible to govern.  Tough challenge.

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Driving the Left nuts for over two centuries...

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Part of the human condition is that success begets emulation.  Thus, if we succeed in America, rough places like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran will modify themselves.

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  1. David R. Graham permalink
    2010/08/31 22:36

    “Part of the human condition is that success begets emulation.” Oh yes! It is also true that the thoughts of a great person, surcharged with wisdom, take effect no matter where he or she is. I think defense and restoration of USA is underway and heartening around the world, just as similar activities in other countries hearten us. Away with the illegitimate, drive them into the desert wastes and bring civilization back from there, where it has fled for rest. Afghanistan begs for Kibbutz-ing. It’s a beautiful land. I think doing that is a means of restoring USA, i.e., booting out the illegitimate, the occupiers, here — by removing their supports there. The occupiers here depend on drugs coming from Afghanistan. It’s their *adam,* their blood, their power. Kibbutz it, is the strategic definition.

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