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Justice is Always and Everywhere an Individual Phenomenon


Over at Sisu’s‘A momentary flash of insight into that great abyss, the “progressive” mind‘.  It’s a superb thought and it deserves your full reading.  One will find this quote near the end:

“The challenge is to imagine a politics that takes moral and spiritual questions seriously,” says Sandel, “but brings them to bear on broad economic and civic concerns, not only on sex and abortion.” Justice, [Sandel] writes, “is not only about the right way to distribute things. It is also about the right way to value things.”


Justice is NOT AT ALL about the “right” way to “distribute” things, nor is justice about the “right” way to “value” things. No cluster of elites is entitled to redistribute or to determine values. Such a system is called (at least in civilized countries) “fascistic” and “totalitarian.”  Such a system is evil.

Where to begin?  Dear reader, perhaps a wise place to begin is a superb, recent article by Reverend David Graham: The Murderous History Of Idolatry.

One of the victims of leftist murder is the term Justice. It was ripped from it’s parent, the Individual, and left to die in the streets of the Collective.  Today the wizened corpse of Justice is held aloft as an idol, to be dragged behind all manner of collectivist parasite: Simply identify a grievance community or a coven of deviants – or invent one from whole cloth** – append “Justice” and voilà… Insta-cause du jour!… And another tug at the heart-strings of simpletons for the usurpation of power by elites.  Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Animal Justice

Each individual’s unalienable Rights and Responsibilities are endowed by his Creator… so too, Justice. Justice is always and everywhere an individual phenomenon. Denial of this straightforward fact is at the core of slavery, is it not? We are made, each of us in the Image of God: Thus, we own our selves, we are ultimately responsible for our selves and for our choices and for the content of our personal character. We must answer for our own sins as we enjoy the blessings of our own pursuits.

When free people decide amongst themselves the values of products and services in the market, this is Justice.  When free peoples decide for themselves what they can afford and where they shall save & invest and where they shall charitably give, this is Justice.

Anything else is Power.

. . .

[**At dinner recently the challenge went out to invent a new grievance – something the Left hadn’t yet raped.  It was all fun until someone pointed-out that, no, we shouldn’t repeat any of it.  The sobering thought was that indeed, some schmuck with connections to the Tides Foundation will plead the cause and magically checks to the Ad Council will appear.  Damn, but the last thing we need to do is to give those creeps fresh meat.]

Tip o’ the hat to Dan Riehl.


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