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There is No Such Creature as a “Moderate” Republican


There is only Dyslexia Politica.

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This... is a "moderate." It is NOT a Republican.

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Republican Electile Dysfunction is a condition indicated by sagging numbers, “moderate” performance and ideological befuddlement. The condition is known colloquially as “Squishy.” The cause is a condition known as Dyslexia Politica. Put bluntly, many Republicans and “Conservatives” can’t tell Left from Right.

We have got to lose the “moderate” adjective for GOP. Its a trap laid long ago by Carroll Quigley and liberal-statists in the media. There are libertarian Republicans, conservative Republicans, liberal-statist Republicans, confused Republicans.

“Moderate” implies that Republicans with the ideological b@lls to be libertarians or conservatives are “extreme.” It is a diversion, a strategic lie.

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