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Doug Patton: “Barack Obama is No Failure” Oh Yes, He Is.


When Rush Limbaugh said of Barack Obama, “I hope he fails,” everyone assumed that he wanted President Obama’s policies to make him so unpopular that in 2012 the electorate would overwhelmingly vote to make him the most unambiguous one-termer since Jimmy Carter. As he approaches the half-way point of that one term, Obama does, indeed, seem hell-bent on serving only four years in office—but the word “failure” may not apply to this man after all.

You make a good point, Mr. Patton, but perhaps it isn’t as simple as that.

For starters, Obama has failed on his promises of no new taxes on the “middle class.” He failed on Guantanamo. He failed on Employment and the Economy. In fact, without the bully power of majorities in both Assemblies, his rhetorical skills at salesmanship wouldn’t have stood a snowball’s chance.

Barack Obama knows, as did Franklin Roosevelt, that once enacted and accepted as entitlements, the programs he has initiated will never go away. He knows that most future Republican politicians will never have the intestinal fortitude to tell the American people the truth as to why, for the sake of the union, they must repeal his initiatives.

This is in fact his greatest failure: He has, almost single-handedly, convinced enough Americans that the policies to which he is wed are toxic as Hell and that they will doom us in short-order. So much so that new Young Guns – Cantor, McCarthy and Ryan – and new, powerful women – Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann – are “fundamentally transforming” the Republican Party with a huge groundswell of support, much of it from the “moderate” and “independent” blocs. The mood is not merely about “repeal” but far beyond that… to substantive ROLL-BACK, including things such as the Fair Tax or a Flat Tax, sunsetting entire bureaucracies as the private-sector steps-up: This is about unwinding the cancer of Progressivism.

He set out to “fundamentally transform” America… and he will have, in the end, catalyzed it’s reconstruction.

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  1. 2010/09/06 02:23

    I agree with you. When the health care debates were underway, I continually said we can’t allow this to happen, because we will never get rid of it, but Obama’s stealth plan for America contained so much evil that it could not avoid our not-always-so-finely-tuned radar.

    Now everyone is awake, and I pray nothing like this ever gets close to the Oval Office again.

    I have the Young Guns story in the works too. GOP fossils have shown they do not have the best interests of Americans first and foremost in their legislation.

    Enormous contributions by the younger members may give us term limits, and yes, the Fair or Flat Tax. Thanks for an inspiring and rousing article!

    BTW, my blogroll had you stuck on the BlogProf’s Elena Kagan article. I fixed it. Sorry – don’t know how that happened!

  2. 2010/09/06 03:10

    Thank you Liberty Belle!
    This is, I think, far beyond anything Newt had imagined in ’94. Funny – now he’s part of the problem. I’m beginning to hope with real prayers that my kids will indeed have more liberty than we do.

    Yeah – If I had a clue about HTML, I’d be doing the twit feeds and RSS and all that. Heck – I’m from the days of machine code and assembler – Fortran was hot stuff. This web thingmy is way over my head.

  3. 2010/09/06 03:25

    I’m well over Newt. I’ve probably said this before, but who does he think he is to put everyone’s medical records online? He is part GOP fossil. That’s his problem and he needs to sell too many books so he has to position himself in unattractive places at times.

    Odd now that he is hot about Islam. Wish he had done that in 2008.

    Ran, we all have strayed so far from the Constitution. We didn’t think about it and those in Congress found it easier not to think about it. Now we must never, ever again stray from that document. We will not undo all unconstitutional acts, but we can certainly make a valiant effort.

    About the RSS feed: I just went to feedburner and they gave me one. I do have your feed – however Blogger does that, and am seeing your current posts now.

  4. 2010/09/08 02:01

    Wouldn’t it be nice to think we could roll it back to before the time of Lincoln? I think that is about the time everything started going into the crapper.


  5. 2010/09/08 02:15

    Thanks – yes, Some of it, sure, but the slavery thing was a massive evil.

    I think your point is important: Roll-back – real, meaningful return must be made in economic and regulatory liberty. This “soft” tyranny sucks.

  6. 2010/09/08 02:35

    The abolition of slavery was the only good thing to come from the Lincoln administration.

    • 2010/09/08 02:47

      I have to admit that I’m not caught-up on US history. What little I know doesn’t put Lincoln in a warm ‘n fuzzy light.

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