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Issue of Federal Reserve at top of the agenda for Lisa Murkowski – David Haase private meeting


Libertarian Republican’s Eric Dondero has the story:

Republican US Senator Lisa Murkowski had a private meeting with Libertarian Party Senate nominee David Haase this morning at an un-disclosed location in Anchorage. They met to discuss options on the US Senate race. Murkowski, who lost the GOP nomination two weeks ago to Tea Party favorite Joe Miller of Fairbanks, is now forced to decide whether she wants to continue her campaign. Her options are limited to securing the Libertarian Party line, or running as a write-in. Murkowski and friends of her campaign have not been shy in approaching Libertarian Party leaders to explore the Party’s ballot line option.

Our take: The Murkowski Brand will damage the credibility of Alaska’s Libertarian Party. She has dollar$ to add to a campaign, but her sorry anti-liberty voting record isn’t going to sit well with libertarian-minded voters. We think she’ll be a write in – but certainly not a shoo-in. – Ed.

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