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Cowardice Posing as Civility


It’s not often that the American Spectator’s Andrew Cline is just plain dead wrong, but this time he is and importantly so.
Civility and the Constitution
By Andrew Cline on 9.10.10 @ 6:09AM

I remember growing up in a conservative movement that, reacting to the rampant permissiveness of the 1960s and ’70s, stressed the virtue of civility. Sure, you have the right to flagrantly offend your neighbors and your community. But should you? Conservatism used to answer “no.”

Civility is no trump to courage, good sir. There have been times in history when conservatives have been obligated to say far more than merely “yes.” Recall Dresden; Hiroshima. The ugly fire-bombings of these cities went far beyond simple uncivilized offense to achieve fear and regret in our enemies. They were pivotal in our victories.  We could have done the “civilized” thing and held-back, though instead we did the difficult thing, the right thing.

When my neighbors believe that a pious member of their faith is under an obligation prescribed by their “prophet” to kill me, a Jew – for the sin of my Jewishness, then my mere existence in our community is in and of itself an offense. What then should my “civilized” response be? To reach out and work for some sort of compromise? Better in the long run to muster the strength to tackle the source of the problem directly. Civilization is not civilized without first justice and courage.

When the source of that unholy obligation is a “holy” text, then that text must be burned, and burned publicly. It is the fundamental lack of “civilized” values within the text for which the text’s ponces must become ashamed. It is our willingness to stand-up and defend Western civilization that they must fear.  I would burn Mein Kampf, good sir. Das Kapital… for these texts also are evil, are enemies of civil society.  My burning of Mein Kampf is a civilized response to evil, just as were our fire-bombings and destruction was upon the enemy until they surrendered in defeat.

Civility is not at all times about peace, brother.  It is about doing the right thing.

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  1. 2010/09/12 11:40

    I wonder if he’s considered the possibility that “civility” in the face of antisocial behavior in the 60s and 70s contributed to its spread?

    Sometimes being civil and being civilized require that we put our foot down, and demand that others meet civilization’s standards as well.

    • 2010/09/12 19:15

      What happened at Kent State? All I recall is accusations of “crushing of dissent”… that is, until Deng actually crushed dissenters in Tiananmen Square.

      I wonder, though, if we didn’t need to get “sick” to develop the anti-bodies.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2010/09/12 14:18

    There is no way to type in an uncivil manner. When I cease being civil, you’ll feel it about the neck and head. hehe

  3. 2010/09/12 15:33

    Uncivilized behavior started with “political correctness”. One race or class of people receive immunity from public displays of dislike for their particular view, while another class or race of people are continually ostracized for their views. It’s politically incorrect to say anything against Gays, liberal Blacks, illegal immigrants, Muslims or democrats, but if you’re a Conservative Jew or a White Protestant guy from the south, ( like me), you’re fair game. If you’re a conservative Christian, you’re fair game. If you’re a Conservative Black, you’re fair game.

    For far too long, the Progressive Left has had an unlimited “hunting” license to shoot down Conservative Christian views and ideals. They use the liberal court systems to litigate and force their views on everyone else. They use the law suit to remove the Torah and the Bible from public display while at the same time, foisting the principles of the Muslim and secular belief systems on us. Multiculturalism will be the death of America. Multiculturalism should not be confused with diversity. America has always been a diverse country, but “back in the day”, when people came to America, they wanted to leave behind the “old ways” and assimilate into the American way of life. Now a days, people move to this country and try to make it like the country they just left…why??? An analogy would be kind of like Californians sick of the high taxes and regulation of their home state moving to the “outback” of Montana or Wyoming and trying to making it over into the “paradise” they just left.


    • 2010/09/12 19:21

      I hear you Mike. I think that there is a media bigotry against Christianity that is far more overt than just about any other out there. If Jews are to be a light, then Christians have to follow suit and stand up boldly for their Faith and their Freedom of expression. I have absolutely zero problem with prayer in schools, for example.

      Your point about the differences between diverse and multicultural.

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