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The Estimable Quin Hillyer vs. The August Jeffrey Lord


It’s a pleaseure – a real treat – to read one of those classic debates between honest and able gentlemen.

This argument is about the reaction to O’Donnell’s senate challenge in Delaware by various (putative) Conservatives.

. . .

Our take?  Pass the beer

As an aside, re. Krauthammer’s comments over at Stacy ‘n Smitty’s in the comment section: (Aside indeed!)

You arguably need a few Olympia Snowes to… win back the Senate“.

I’m not so sure. As if having Snowe in our column isn’t rather like having a fifth column?

“We” are libertarians and conservatives first. The D and R are irrelevant, especially when the R is for RINO.

Delaware may be Blue… but that is not to say that a genuine alternative to the Left’s candidate can’t win. Methinks it’s quite the opposite. There are a lot of centrists, independents, middlers, undecideds and disaffected who hunger for a real choice – even just this once – even if not forever.

K-Man offers the false notion that to Capture the Middle you need a “moderate” candidate. May be true at various times, but Reagan proved the rule false when under crisis. I think O’Donnell can do it.

UPDATE: Bob Belvedere has related thoughts. I’m with Bob on the race: It is time to take no prisoners. O’Donnell or broke.

Plus:  Eric Dondero and Cliff Thies have related thoughts over at Libertarian Republican.

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