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Freedomist: Karl Rove Tried To Cut Deal For Castle With Tea Party


Update:  Karl Rove Wins Prestigious “Rectitude of Character” Award!!

Via The Other McCain and Dan Riehl:   This… needs to be investigated.

Sources at the Christine O’Donnell victory party revealed to The Freedomist that in December of last year Karl Rove met with Tea Party leaders in Dover, Delaware trying to get them to cut a “deal” in which they would leave Mike Castle alone and NOT support O’Donnell.

The Freedomist has also learned that Rove was allegedly acting as an operative, although in what capacity it is not known, even as he is playing the role of a political analyst on Fox New in a fair and balanced way.

“Fair and Balanced.” As if there is anything fair or balanced about human events.

Our take: First of all, if the allegations against Rove are true, it demonstrates the cluelessness of the insider genius class. The Tea Party is an ideological movement, not a club.  This sort of cynical insider effort isn’t likely to succeed, especially in the early stages of such a movement and especially in America.  Why Rove would take the risk is anyone’s guess.  Karl had precious little political credibility to expend.  It appears that he’s blown it completely.

If true, it would also validate many of the suspicions and frustrations of the public over The Architect’s politial intransigence from a Party perspective.  Rove is a Party man, first and always.  Most of the public are not: The interests of Liberty are not those of Party power.  In the long run, they are antithetical – and that is the very reason The Architect and his ilk in the RINO Establishment fell out of power in Washington.  The Republican base is interested in Liberty and small government.  Many, many “in the middle” are political shoppers willing to support a libertarian-leaning candidate if such a candidate emerges for election.  Rove & Co. have been so out of touch they had forgotten the laws of the marketplace.

. . .

We know this much for sure:  O’Donnell, The Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin were the big winners last night.

Stacy ‘n Smitty have more.

Stacy at The American Spectator: “This changes everything.”

Paladino Wins!

John Tabin at The American Spectator: “Political novice and tea party ally Carl Paladino has beaten the Republican designee in the race for the party’s nomination for New York governor.”

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  1. 2010/09/15 13:01

    Always thought Rove was a slimy snake.

  2. themadjewess permalink
    2010/09/15 14:46

    Rove, that piece of Sh*t.!!!

  3. 2010/09/15 16:55

    I actually like having him around… Firstly, he’s cheap red-meat for liberal consumption. Secondly, he’s a decent foil for genuine libertarian-conservatives. Such “rectitude of character“… who could resist?


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