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Prostitution Now Legal in Canada You Say? Pity


Friend and blogger Damian Penny notes a curious development in Canadian culture:

Back in 2007, Colby Cosh predicted the Ontario Superior Court of Justice would rule that Canadian laws against prostitution were unconstitutional. Yesterday, it did.

A Canadian “win” for liberty, eh? Not so fast…

Why is it that Liberalism always produces the exact opposite of it's stated intent?

…this ain’t about prostitutes’ liberty or social progress.  Once the thorny zoning issues settle of where legalized prostitution may ply trade, other forms of prostitution and debauchery will spoil the game.

* Look to prostitutes to Union-Ize!! (Er, for the safety and protection of the “workers,” of course.)  Along with anti-competitive closed-shop laws.

* Look for prices to skyrocket and lackluster “service”as the union ethos grows and the Mob determines who gets an operator’s license and who joins the Union.  They already have the Liquor Control Board of Ontario… what’s next, a hooker Control Board?  Pimping 101 at local commoooniteh colitches?  Entire new Ministries?

* Look for “the system” – Canadian taxpayers – to be hauled-in to bail-out failing “businesses” and “workmen’s comp” for “injuries” on the job.  Instead of a stream of new revenue, it will guarantee a net state liability.

* Finally, watch for this – for the gal who wants to go quiet and private, the system will come down especially hard.  It was never pretty.

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  1. 2010/10/03 13:45

    Just like restrictions against pot in California – a boon for clerks, attorneys, and assorted bureaucrats, a curse for anyone else.

    Doing away with the prohibition hardly ever stops at that point. It almost always carries with it involvement to the extent that the government doesn’t just turn a blind eye to the formerly illegal activity – it becomes an invested partner in it, and derives such an income from it that the government is compelled to promote what it so recently worked to prevent.

    It’s always framed as a question of freedom, but it will end up a question of revenue.

  2. 2010/10/03 13:46

    Sorry – I meant “just like easing restrictions against pot in CA.”

  3. 2010/10/03 14:08

    Thanks for dropping by, Steven!

    Solid point. I can’t think of a single market area where government “investment” isn’t a liability. Ain’t it great the way power grabs are always framed as liberty?

    I’d much prefer something along the lines of Canada’s beer on the beach law: Officially, alcohol on the beach is verboten… but, if you’re quiet and don’t bug everyone around – govern yourself – the enforcers look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you’re rowdy or under-age or leave trash…

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