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“…The Second Coming of the Bush Team!?”


Just in time for Hallowe’en!

Rove leads effort to create a conservative Congress

By: Julie Mason
Examiner White House Correspondent
October 8, 2010

Conservative organizations — including a new group led by former White House political guru Karl Rove — are funneling millions of dollars into Republican campaigns in the final weeks before the election, and the White House is fighting back the only way it can.

Outgunned and outmaneuvered, President Obama is calling out Rove, whose name still is still reviled by the liberal rank and file. Democrats blame many of the Bush administration’s most controversial episodes on Rove and Obama is hoping that their deep animosity could motivate Democrats to vote in the Nov. 2 congressional elections.

Read more at the Washington Examiner.

For many libertarians and conservatives, Rove is a joke…  though perhaps that is unfair.  At least with a joke it rests on a grain of truthRove blew his cover as a state-corporatist RINO who loves to talk a ‘conservative’ game while delivering plays otherwise.  Think “No Child Left Behind.”  Think “Department of Homeland Security.” 

The attempted deal for support of Castle at O’Donnell’s expense can never be spun as a conservative maneuver: Castle was one of the most reliable liberal votes in the Senate. Rove’s unprecedented and unconscionable trashing of O’Donnell will never be forgotten.

Rove is the big name, but numerous groups are in play. The Center for Responsive Politics estimates that since Sept. 1, conservative groups overall have spent nearly $26 million in the campaigns, compared with $5.6 million spent by liberal groups and the $4.1 million spent by bipartisan or nonpartisan groups.

“I think it’s fascinating that the advisers to the previous president are now trying to engineer the next Congress,” said David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch. “It’s the second coming of the Bush team.”

…the second coming of the Bush team!? That would be “Republican” victory, indeed – at the expense of the Republic. No less is at stake.

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  1. 2010/10/11 01:47

    Some people just don’t know when to go home and write their memoirs.

  2. 2010/10/11 02:02

    Steven – I just finished reading your post about your Dad. Now there’s a gent who’s memoir would make a decent read… very glad for you that you’ve had the chance to share some time with him. (Sure miss my Dad.)

    As for Rove, I just wish he’d go home and watch reruns of himself on teevee… Deserves that form of “enhanced interrogation technique” or whatever they call inhuman punishment these days.

  3. themadjewess permalink
    2010/10/11 18:06

    Gross, I am so sick of Karl Rubbish.

  4. 2010/10/13 13:50

    Bush team…. Been there, done that. Time to heave the rubbish in both parties.

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