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New York Sun: Murdoch on Anti-Semitism


IT WILL BE SOME TIME BEFORE A MAJOR PUBLIC FIGURE confronts the question of anti-Semitism in a speech as to the point as that delivered last night by Rupert Murdoch to the annual banquet of the Anti-Defamation League in New York. The honoree of the evening, he noted that the League has been so successful that a few years ago some people were beginning to say, “Maybe we don’t need an ADL** any more.” That, he said, “is a much harder argument to make these days” when, as he put it, “we live in a world where there is an ongoing war against the Jews.”

Bullies and parasites always go for the smaller ones at first … first.  History shows that Jews are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine.

**Aside:  I am disappointed in Abe Foxman and in the ADL generally. They have reliably ignored the causal relationship between tyranny and anti-Semitism. They see no bitter irony in ADL’s support for political statism.  As the political resolve of Jews in America matures past nanny-statism, support for the ADL will wane unless it’s board of directors and major donors, too, mature.  More and more Jews – especially amongst the Orthodox – are reading the history of American progressive and communist politics and seeing them for what they have become to America, Israel and to their own families.  Either the ADL will adjust its view or it will drive itself into obsolescence.

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  1. 2010/10/15 14:07

    That awakening has been far too long in coming….

  2. 2010/10/17 02:42

    It’s interesting, LA, what’s happening out here in fly-over country. One of our local rabbis is a gun-totin’ libertarian. He’s a Reform rabbi. Strength & Blessings upon him! May the process accelerate…

  3. themadjewess permalink
    2010/10/18 18:15

    Hi Ran;
    I wrote a very long, heartfelt letter to the ADL explaining to them that the Black Panthers that they now condemn, they lifted up in the 60’s and 70’s.
    They helped the Marxist beast, Obama get in the W.H..
    Now we have Jew hate out of control.
    Evangelicals have turned on the Jews here in USA because of stupid Bloomberg, Weiner and some other paper Jews that are for the mosque in NYC.
    This is why I am so ‘in ya face’ aggressive right wing, patriotic American; It is a mitzvah to our people for me to be the way I am.

  4. 2010/10/18 20:04

    Hey MJ…
    I hear you. You raise a number of difficult issues. I think you’re right. There is nothing in Jewish faith that requires the sort of mindless reflexive statist nonsense so many others have embraced. We have a responsibility to speak out and kick leftist @ss.

    It’s not just we Jews, either: Many Christian churches are being infected with notions such as “liberation theology” and “collective salvation” and “fair trade.”

    Hazach u’Baruch,


  5. themadjewess permalink
    2010/10/18 20:40

    I know about these nutty Marxist churches. I am very involved in many aspects, plus half my family born again believers 😮

    I have seen them become so bully-like with their beliefs. Some churches, especially the larger ones like Methodist, Lutheran, Pres. are Jew haters and left wingers.

    One time, I was in this church to sing for a community fundraiser, and the dude/Pastor was preaching the left wing hatred right out of the pulpit—-my friend didnt know what to do- I just said;
    “Well, I guess I am a little more ‘pro-Christian’ than you, because I am wiping the dust the hell off my feet and walking out’ and I walked out.

    People seem to forget that 44 Jews are members in this govt of reps and senators and the rest ARE Christians of the Christian faith.

    Its easy to hang everything on the Jews, because we have a bigger responsibility to keep law/do what is always righteous- (I mean, If we are not the religious type).

    We will always get blamed first, probably because judgement begins in the house of G-d and we are his representatives.

    I realize that many Jews want us to make Aliyah, but I am a D.A.R. on my fathers side of my family, and I feel that I am not supposed to “Give up the ship”. Israel treats its citizens poorly, and like America, gives illegals more rights than its citizens. So, to me, I really dont want to go from the frying pan, into the fire.

    Of course I dont ‘preach’ this to other Jews in the galut- it is my personal feeling in this regard.

  6. 2010/10/19 02:12

    I can respect Zionism and making Aliyah… But America is my home and my future. Our Christian brothers have created a marvelous – better, miraculous civilization.

    Hey, more than the Jews kept the Shabbat… the Shabbat kept the Jews.


  7. themadjewess permalink
    2010/10/19 03:19

    But America is my home and my future. Our Christian brothers have created a marvelous – better, miraculous civilization.

    I agree Brother. Thank goodness that you are here, I get reprimanded constantly for this and my views.

    I just luv you 😀

  8. 2010/10/23 17:11

    Such great comments following a very interesting post, Ran. I have to say, I seldom think of the Anti-Defamation League. I must start paying attention.

    I do write about Israel and Palestine often, constantly ask how American Jews can vote Democrat considering all there is to consider. So far the only answer I get back is “because they have always done so.”

    As a Christian, the problem of Leftist churches is a huge problem for me. I watch the far-left and dangerous National Council of Churches and cannot believe this is happening in America. These days, I am a member of a large, very, very conservative Methodist church, but when I drop my money in the “collection plate,” I know that a percentage goes to the “Mother” church and then on to the NCC. It is a constant angst for me, and a constant problem that I have not quite resolved.

    • 2010/10/24 02:22

      I hear that loud and clear, Maggie. Our Orthodox congregation has a surprising number of libertarian and conservative members – genuine and Constitutionally grounded. Some, like me, are active shooters and sportsmen. We’re gaining ground. I think the betrayal of Israel was the factor.

      I get around the funding question by not paying dues directly… I put a lot of my donation resources directly into the synagogue Boy Scout troop, for example, in lieu of a check to the general fund. At the end of the year, it accounts to no more than a symbolic gesture, given that more of the general fund then is free to support “other” activities. At least this way I know the Scouts have what they need.


    • themadjewess permalink
      2010/10/25 18:55

      Many Jews vote democrat just because they always have. It is a small number that are avowed Communists. The Jews may have a call, but they are people like any other people.

      Anyway-It is like a GOPer that just always voted GOP regardless.

      The ADL did do something right; they condemned the mosque at G. Zero.

      Ran, I didnt know you were Orthodox 😀 Thats cool. I go to a congregation that is Christian friendly, since a lot of people marry into Christian families, and don’t want to screw their marriages up.

      So, we have a lot of “Jewtians” 😀 Strange huh? Some of them are Crypto/Jew-Catholics. Others Crypto like me. Which is why we call them Jewtians.

  9. 2010/10/23 22:54

    Ran, do you have a pic of your banner that I can use in a post featuring one your quotes? If so, my email is maggiesnotebookatcoxdotnet.

    I know you may be busy today. If I don’t hear from you by tomorrow morning, I’ll go ahead and post.

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