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NPR Fired Juan Williams… Let’s Fire NPR Instead.


UPDATE:The Liberty Belle Piles On!

Abolish NPR: Immediate agenda item for the new Republican Congress

by Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican

Looking for a sure thing, easy-to-do agenda item you can hold your newly-elected Republican House member too? Tell him/her to completely abolish NPR. Get that horribly politically correct taxpayer-subsidized program off the government tit without delay.

. . .

Juan Williams speaking freely...

Don’t ask the Congressman-elect to support something off-the-charts like drug legalization, abolishing the IRS or a return to the Gold Standard. We’ll get to those items later. But do tell him or her right now, as you pick up those campaign brochures to walk another neighborhood, that you fully expect them to push for immediate elimination of all funding for NPR, PBS, the Ad Council and other government programming.

For ‘Liberals’ and ‘Progressives’ dedicated to expanding personal freedoms and democracy, there is no more free a venue than the marketplace of ideas. If NPR and the Ad Council are as vital as the Left claims, they will surely survive on earnings exactly the way non-governmental media does it. We would let NPR and PBS and the rest keep their licenses and mind their own businesses exactly they way we’d want to run our own private firms.

They will flourish, of course. We’re told constantly that NPR programming is “mainstream” and “popular”. (All the more reason for confidence, NPR and the Ad Council are experts at programming.) They shall rejoice in their Liberty!

Update via Chris Muir’s DaybyDay:

. . .

Enterprise Journalism?

. . .

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  1. 2010/10/21 13:15

    De fund Feb 2011- cut off these leftist Rockettes and let them choke in the marketplace like Air America.

    And NPR was right when they saw the TEA Party as a mortal threat… we are, and we’ll hound Congress relentlessly until these barnacles are scraped from the bow

  2. 2010/10/21 14:36

    Ran, thank you for that great link right up front! I do appreciate it. There is no question that NPR is decidedly Liberal. In this case, Williams just said what most everyone in the U.S. feels. And if they say a bunch of Muslims-in-garb, on their flight isn’t worrying, they are lying or never fly.

    I certainly agree with the author that this must go on our calendar. What better time? We are in the biggest financial crisis in the history of the country. NPR is another sacred cow. Republicans MUST be ready to take them to slaughter.

    Thanks again, Ran.

    • 2010/10/21 18:39

      Hey MTM, I don’t know how many hits the link will send to your site, for this ain’t a big-time blog. You’re welcome, and thank-you for the great post.

  3. 2010/10/21 18:41


    As usual, excellent observations.

    I saw the segment that got Williams fired and awoke this morning to hear of the fallout.

    My view, NPR just royally screwed themselves. I know quite a few republicans who listened to and contributed to NPR, Now they won’t do either. Great way to keep market share NPR.

    I have heard that the NPR letter announcing Williams’ termination contains a misspelling of the word principle. And I thought NPR was home to the intelligent and educated. Indeed! Hahahahahaha….

  4. 2010/10/21 19:01

    They messed ‘principle‘? Yeah – I blame the public schools.

    Thanks for the kind words.


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