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Visit #15,000


Thank-you to all our visitors! We’re not exactly big-time around here. Yet.

. . .

15,000th Visitor

. . .

Twenty-five thousand hits... Eat yer heart out, InstaMan!

. . .

That’s click ratio of near 1.66… whatever that means.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2010/10/26 16:52

    Ran: You’re way ahead of me, and deservedly so!


  2. themadjewess permalink
    2010/10/26 17:28

    Hey, 15 thou is good Ran. Keep going, need every arm.

    • 2010/10/26 22:49

      Heh. I had a couple of Insta-lanches when I guest-blogged at Damian Penny’s site. In those days, I was a terrible writer. So what’s new, you ask? Well, my own site and, um, these day’s I’m merely terrible.


  3. 2010/10/27 00:47

    Good deal Ran…keep up the good work. One of these days…err…..months, I expect to reach that goal. 😉


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