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Women With Guns!?


[Cue the liberal weenie primal scream.]

Yes. I’m telling you girlie-men out there: Real women are the patriots who will secure the future of our Republic. Friend and blogger Brent Greer links to a WaPo article by Paxton Quigley:

The Washington Post (of all publications) has a guest blogging column in its “Political Bookworm” section this week. In a nutshell, she makes a compelling argument for why women should be armed. The sidearm was in the old days, and remains today, “the great equalizer.”

. . .

Women have that right: It is a gift from Providence, a moral obligation.

. . .

Brent renewed NRA memberships at our local gun show this morning, including mine. [Thanks Brent! – Ran]

Gals, I’m tellin’ ya… You have your work cut-out. Get to your local range. There will be a test on Tuesday.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2010/10/31 18:28

    Girls with guns are steaming hot – especially the women of the IDF.

    Also, smokin’ hot Becky Chandler, but she’s more like us than most girly girls if you get my drift. Such is life

  2. 2010/10/31 18:57

    Becky is Big Caliber, all right!

  3. 2010/10/31 23:35

    Go find the You-Tube video…Penn and Teller on the 2nd amendment. It’s in three parts and about 30 minutes all together, but worth the time.


  4. 2010/10/31 23:37

    Another link

  5. 2010/11/01 00:07

    Thanks Mr G!

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