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The Libertarian-Conservative Storm: Statism and Effetism Take Heavy Losses


[Update:  Dear reader, pardon if you will, a little stridency – the time is short, the assignments difficult.  Thanks – Ed.]

The Tea revolution made solid gains amongst Governors, both Houses of Congress and importantly, in the mindset of Americans yesterday.  More than the Democrats suffered losses: RINOs and “conservative” squishes in the punt-it class too.

“Progressive” collectivist thinking has a shelf-life:  Where has it actually delivered on it’s promises?

Most importantly, the debate itself is shifting. The effetocracy’s old paradigm of “Right”, “Left” or “moderate” is obsolete.  The concern is now Liberty and Tyranny.

Liberty and Tyranny.

These are the standards by which ideology, policy and law shall be measured.

…Hey, you! Karl Rove!  This fork is for YOU, pal:

. . .

Grant Wood: American Gothic, 1930

. . .

[With apologies to Grant Wood. – Ed.]

Bob Belvedere has thoughts.

Eric Dondero has notes on the Republican stomp through the Governor’s races.

The New York Sun: The New Congress Offers a Chance To Save the Dollar.

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  1. bobbelvedere permalink
    2010/11/03 14:25

    Hey, that fork has three prongs on it! One for A/V Club President Karl, one for Cryin’ John Boner, and one for Grandma McConnell.

    PS: Thanks for the link.

  2. 2010/11/03 18:32

    Funny post Ran. First chuckle I’ve had since the results came down in CT. Then I read that Barney Frank is still grumpy that he was challenged at all. What a complete PUTZ. He should be bowing in gratitude to Phallic Buddha for having spared him.

  3. 2010/11/04 03:30

    Rove needs a fork. He needs to use his white board to explain to us how that elitist brain works – and do it before no one cares anymore.

  4. 2010/11/04 12:37

    Thanks Maggie!

    Yeah, he’s done. That “lessons for Republicans” comment after O’Donnell’s defeat cost him dearly. It was unforgivably arrogant. He wasn’t vindicated by her loss, he was convicted.

    It’s not just Rove who’s forkable: The Metros… Gerson, Frum, about half of National Review and all of the Weakly Stund. I’ll be spending my time and attention with people such as Thomas Sowell.


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