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Could it be Freddie-Mae Mac-Fannie? Barney is Frankly Nervous.


Liberty Belle notes Representative Barney Frank’s angry tirade of an acceptance speech.

“…because we’re going to have a difficult time in which the far right wing dominates that party and they’ll get a chance to see what they really can produce.”

Note to Barney: The argument is not Right v Left, it ain’t even ‘R’ v ‘D’. Get a clue, Mr. Frank: Think Liberty versus Tyranny. Then tell us all about “moderates” and “compromise.”

Mr. Frank, here’s one thing the incoming congress ought to “produce” right out of the gate: YOU, sir, as a witness… into an investigation of the entire Freddie-Mae Mac-Fannie debacle. Think Franklin Raines. Think Rahm Emmanuel, Jamie Gorelic; think boyfriend. Then think audits.

Then pick out a decorator for your new cell.

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  1. Libertarian Advocate permalink
    2010/11/05 14:46

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. He should be sent to an all-female prison.

    • 2010/11/05 14:59

      Over the last two years at least a dozen major scandals have emerged – starting with WalpinGate. Several, such as Freddie-Mae Mac-Fannie have been brewing for decades.

      It ain’t gonna be pretty” as an old friend at school used to say.

  2. ccoffer permalink
    2010/11/09 00:43

    Any elected republican who ever utters the name Barney Frank without referring to him first as an extreme, totalitarian leftist, doesn’t deserve to remain in office. Until these scum are called who and what they are by the other side, we’re destined to playing perpetual defense. It’s a losing gambit. Every republican should have as their aim to cause some sanctimonious piece of shit like Barney Frank to be “outraged” at being called what they manifestly are. This should be a daily goal for every elected republican.

    • 2010/11/09 13:14

      You make a good point, Chuck. Perhaps a measure of an intelligent policy is one that “offends” these bastards.

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