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Jet Contrail: Condition Yellow


My money is on a passenger jet.

. . .


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That sort of contrail spreading occurs with moisture-rich high velocity winds in the upper atmosphere… Never seen it down here. Hardly enough data to go on: Vectors, cone, scale, speed – so much is missing. This puppy could well have been flying level. Could be wrong, mind.

. . .

What’s interesting is the insecurity behind the speculation. We felt secure, one Administration ago, that no enemy would dare play a psy-ops game by firing so much as a .22 anywhere near us.  Radar went up on 9/11.

Today, we feel on our own, aware that we can not take anything for granted.  Our “news” folks are not, typically, the smartest or bravest amongst us. Vast majority of them are lazy, photogenic jack-asses. Their near hysteria over this thing tells us far more about them than anything about rocket science.  Moreover, our president, when he’s not playing golf, heads out on apology tours.  In response to the vastly changed conditions in America, many of us are responding with an on-guard ‘condition yellow‘ :

In Yellow, you are “taking in” surrounding information in a relaxed but alert manner, like a continuous 360 degree radar sweep.

Jet.  And a note of thanks to Col. Jeff Cooper z’l.

. . .

UPDATE.  Should have checked Fox…Via The Other McCain’s Live at Five and Fox News:

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