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The Problem Is Your Travel… Thus the X-Rays and the Groping


There are days when I regret surfing DRUDGE.

. . .

"Put your chair in the upright position and the tray locked... BOHICA."

. . .

"Never waste a crisis"...or an opportunity to create one, apparently.

. . .

What we’re observing is the confluence of pseudo-sensitivity to ‘environmental protection‘ and the typical bureaucratic need for a power fix – in this case, ‘airline safety.’  The one motive is ideologically opposed people freely traveling on airplanes, while the other is dependent upon as much control as possible of who gets on-board and with what.

How x-rays and groping have become enhancements to ‘airline safety‘ or ‘homeland security‘ is a separate issue. Travel is hurting and earnings are down as the private sector economy struggles with uncertainty and under-productivity.  Government’s solution?  Greater hurdles to travel!  Assaults on personal dignity.  More REM’s.  More time in security lines.  Thanks Big Sis.

… but No, thanks.  Americans are waking up to the brutal reality that there is only so much real security that can be purchased with Liberty, and it isn’t much.  We are well past the optimum into the range of expensive and heavily paradoxical returns.

And the gain for Big Guv’s efforts?  Monolatric neo-pagan theocrats are resorting to airmail.

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  1. 2010/11/11 23:53

    I was already dreading my return flight to Portugal. Now, even more so.

  2. 2010/11/12 00:07


  3. 2010/11/12 06:06

    It can be debated as to how effective these measures are at improving security, but I would argue with those who object to them merely because they are intrusive and unpleasant. If they work, I would find being groped and x-rayed preferable to being blown up. If there are two lines to two planes going to the same destination, and one has lax security and the other has x-rays and grabby searchers, I’m still taking the x-ray plane, given it’s superior chance of arriving in one piece. (In reality, yes, I would probably drive, but we’ll assume it’s an intercontinental flight for the sake of this argument)

    Or, let me ask it a different way: would you continue your objection even after one of these x-rays ended up preventing a terrorist incident?

  4. 2010/11/12 13:21

    Thanks for the thoughts.

    Would you continue your objection even after one of these x-rays ended up preventing a terrorist incident?”

    Perhaps check the premise?

    I’m sure the procedures have “worked” but only in a perverse sense – I did, in fact, point-out that terrorists are simply reverting to other tactics. Bombs are still getting onto planes via luggage and parcels rather than twisted panties and brassieres…


    … You may continue to make the argument that the objections are “merely” due to the “intrusive and unpleasant” nature of the “security procedure,” but you have not established that such actually keeps bombs off of planes.


    The problem is the nature of the threats and the ideology that drives them. We could ban all air travel tomorrow as a “security” measure – but our enemies both foreign and domestic would hail the victories.

  5. 2010/11/12 23:21

    I don’t know that these methods actually do keep bombs off planes, maybe they don’t. If so, then they are a waste of money and should be stopped. It does seem to me that the vast majority of the objections I have heard focus solely on their intrusiveness. My point is that I don’t give a sh*t about intrusiveness **IF** these methods work, and that effectiveness should be the only basis for evaluation.

    The fact is, and I think we will both agree on this, that there are a number of other methods which are very effective, much less intrusive, and much cheaper that are not currently being used (or not being used effectively) in this country due to self-defeating political correctness and government incompetence. Certainly those methods need to be implemented right away, and then we can evaluate whether these intrusive, expensive methods will add any additional protection. We have an example of a nation that is hated even more than us by the Islamofascists and yet very effectively prevents terrorism on its airlines and yet we refuse to use methods that Israel has already proven are highly effective. That is simply insane.

  6. 2010/11/13 23:47

    Thanks EM – good points.

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