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Cogadh No Sìth


War and Peace.

Stacy has greased the skids here, but there will be a hiatus in regular blogging activity for the Smitty portion of this blog duo at the close of this post. I hold orders to activate in mid-November and report to Kabul, Afghanistan in time for Christmas. Bandwidth, and latitude for skylarking online will not exist until the end of 2011.

Hey Smitty…
… my active-duty Air Force friend Steven Givler, too, heading to station in Europe, noted in a comment post earlier:

I add my thanks to yours, and while I can’t speak for Chris, I can say for myself that I am always very encouraged to know that folks at home are defending the constitution while we’re away.

I do think that’s the best way to express your gratitude to vets; make sure the country we’re defending is still there when we get back.

Gentlemen, my sincerest thanks and prayers for both of you.  I’ll keep some beer chilled for your return.


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