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The Sully Soap Opera Continues…


UPDATE: WOW! Stacy lets-go with a few update broadsides that make one wince.

“Here’s Robert Stacy McCain rushing to Willow’s defense . . . Maybe I should defer to McCain as an arbiter of homophobia. He’s one of the vilest bigots on the web.”
Andrew Sullivan

Uh – No, Andy, you shouldn’t.  Not without evidence.  Look, Stacy is indeed vile. (I mean, fedoras suck, especially ratty ones used to swat flies…) But a bigot?  What’s that old line about argumentation: When out of ammo, just hurl silly epithets?  At least pull the freakin’ pin first, man.  You’re lobbin’ duds.

Poor Andy gets his… er, Stacy gives him the… um… Better that you determine it for yourself.  Andy talks of soap operas, oblivious to the surreal tragicomedy that has become his “intellectual” career over the last decade. (I used to enjoy his occasional articles in the New York Times Sunday mag and his regular TRB column.  That was some time ago. Around ’04 it was just getting all too painful.)

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