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End the FED?


There’s a movement brewing with the goal to end the Federal Reserve system. Being a monetary ignoramus, I can’t speak to the potential of the idea. It is interesting, however, that the mood of “fundamental transformation” is as much a phenomenon of the “progressive” mindset as it is the Tea insurgency. Here’s an email of today:

End the Fed Rally
November 20th, 2010 – Noon to 4
Eleanor Tinsley Park, Houston
1800 Allen Parkway
(In front of the Federal Reserve)
Keynote Speaker: Debra Medina

Concerned about inflation and the ever-mounting national debt?
Did you know our dollars only come into existence through loans – and that if all debts were paid there would be no dollars under the current monetary system?

Did you know the Federal Reserve is a board of corporate banks that create un-backed paper and electronic funds and [lend] them back to the government at interest, creating more debt?

Did you know that the member banks are exempt from audits and taxes – and that the primary shareholders are secret?

Want to learn more about the Fed and why we should end it?

Join us Sat. November 20th from 12-4 at Eleanor Tinsley Park in front of the Federal Reserve.

It’s time for a monetary revolution.

For more information email:

Or see: or

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