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Reverse-image Scanners: Was Drudge Pranked?


The Liberty Belle has a few timely thoughts on the TSA’s meddlesome – or more honestly, assaulting – air traveller security methods. How would you prefer your sexual assault, young lady? Doped or groped?

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I pulled that image off of Drudge August 04 and reversed the signal, too. It didn’t look like a back-scatter scan in the least. Rather my take is that it’s a composite fake of a photo and other elements. Too much “indirect” illumination is reflecting and shadowing as if by light. Further, hair shows-up, but cotton, wool and synthetic fibers don’t? I put this particular image down to Drudge being pranked.

On the other hand, if the photo IS real, then our pals at the TSA have something to explain. That’s one H3ll of a lot of x-ray illumination… I want to see the real specs on these machines.

I don’t for a second believe that ‘dope or grope’ is about airline security. Radicals – many now in this administration – have been dreaming and discussing ways to reduce or to completely stop people from traveling, especially via air, for decades. All that movement has “carbon” implications that “threaten” the ecosystem and the climate, doncha know? This is about two things: Slowing down air travel & slowing down the economy – and – continuing the climate of uncertainty and turmoil initially caused by economic woes. It all has sweet effe eigh to do with passenger safety.  “Man-made Climate Disruption” indeed.

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  1. 2010/11/19 02:21

    I head back to my duty station in Europe on Sunday. I’m going to avoid the radiation, the groping, and all the controversy by just showing up at airport security in my birthday suit. That’ll do it, right?

  2. 2010/11/19 02:28

    Safe trip, man.
    We’ll keep the beer chilled.

  3. 2010/11/19 03:05

    Ran, I think you might be right. At first I wondered why anyone would pose like this with something in her belt and a gun at the back of the belt, unless it is TSA, or a TSA test, or someone trying to see if they could beat the machine.

    There’s another video I’m trying to find that I viewed earlier this week. It shows a man in a suit in the machine on the right, and it shows his scan on the left. His face is blocked out, but that was done by whomever put the video up, I’m sure. The machine won’t know exactly where there is a face – up, down, short people, tall people. It can’t block in that way.

    The point is you could clearly see him as we see him if were there watching, with his scan to the left. So, does the TSA have a camera doing this? Likely it was a bystander videoing.

    Anyway, it was interesting, but now I can’t find the video. I need a link log:-)

    BTW, I just found you in my Bad Behavior log. I guess it’s like Askimet. Says the link is obviously false:-) There are two from you. I’m trying to find out how to get you out of there!

    Thank you so much for the link.

  4. 2010/11/19 04:53

    Bad Behavior! Neato! Probably not a coincidence. Thanks much Maggie.

    REMINDS ME… Sir Robert of Belvedere might know something of how to fix it. Shall ask. Cheers!

    • 2010/11/19 16:50

      Ran, thanks for checking with Bob for me. I know he has something medical going on, but you would know when that has passed.

  5. 2010/11/19 05:44

    Actually Maggie, computer software is now smart enough to be quite capable of recognizing faces and blocking them out. Whether these machines do that, I doubt, but it is possible for it to be done. Just sayin’.

  6. 2010/11/19 16:54

    Ran, about the government wanting to shut-down air travel because of climate change, I hadn’t thought about that, and it is surely worthy of thinking about with this administration.

  7. 2010/11/19 18:31

    Thanks Maggie,
    This has less to do with shutting down air travel as seizing control of an industry. Suntein’s classic tommyrot “Nudge” lays out the principles. (Of course, point it out, and you’ll be accused of being a conspiracy nut-job. Whatever.)

    From the bottom down, this administration desires centralization and control of the entire flight industry. Who designs and manufactures planes, who operates them and where, who flys, who secures them, who services, who refuels them… if human action ever operated in the free market, they want it regulated or owned outright.

    There’s a term used for such total control ambitions…

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