Skip to content Murkowski’s Victory Trumpeted by AP As ‘A Blow to Palin’s Influence’


Via CNS, this bit of unintended humor from the AP:

Washington (AP) – Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s stunning write-in victory was a political poke in the eye to Alaska’s other favorite daughter, Sarah Palin.

Stunning? How so? The odds were never with Joe Miller. That fact is precisely why this was such an interesting and hard fought race. Miller had to beat the Democrat and the established RINO machine.  Miller also had to defeat his mouth:  Getting cocky about his initial victory helped to alienate some of the swing vote that helped him defeat Murkowksi.  That the race came so close is a lesson in determination and the importance of humility.  The only thing “stunning” here is AP’s hope that its readers will suspend disbelief.

The former governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate backed scores of congressional and gubernatorial candidates this election, a sought-after endorsement that helped lift several Republicans to victory.

Sarah Palin

Several, you say, AP?  True, Reagan’s campaign also took several states in ’84.  The simple fact avoided by AP is that the vast majority of Sarah Palin’s endorsements were successful at both Federal and State levels.  She was hugely influential:  Many in the Tea insurgency looked to Palin to sort-out RINOs from preferred libertarian-conservative candidates.  Several of Palin’s key endorsements failed, the most prominent being Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell.

The other simple fact avoided by AP is that Palin’s stature  – several key failures notwithstanding – has emerged stronger and more robust that ever.

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  1. themadjewess permalink
    2010/11/27 16:22

    This has nada to do with Palin, it has everything to do with Alaska not finished with their socialism yet.

  2. themadjewess permalink
    2010/11/27 16:57

    Why did Palin endorse that McPAIN?? I am in AZ, she endorsed the open-border, tap-dancing politician buffoon.

    He was NOT a T-party candidate. Just another reason I wont vote for her, besides her being a female.

    I also dont like that Palin is for a 2 state in Israel. That means that she wont be bothered by ILLEGALS here, and why does she never talk about our borders??

  3. 2010/11/28 00:11

    Gal… Sarah owed McCain. Debt of honor. He won: Now he owes her something again. If she takes the White-house, McCain will have to accept her terms on something big.

    I disagree with McCain on many issues, but he is at heart an honor-driven character. That much united them in the beginning.

    Sarah’s policies are not identical with McCain’s – nowhere even close. Beyond the McCain debt, every one of her candidate endorsements were reliably protected-borders and legal-immigration.

    As for Israel, she understands the primacy of a stable Jewish homeland there.

    As it is, at this time, Palin is my Number One Choice. Open to a better candidate. More than a year to decide. Thune has a lot of convincing to do that he’s past his RINO days, as does Mitt. Who knows?

  4. themadjewess permalink
    2010/11/28 00:23

    I disagree with McCain on many issues, but he is at heart an honor-driven character. That much united them in the beginning.

    I met McPAIN, he is one of the most LIBERAL senators in the GOP. Thune is not a RINO. He voted wrong on 2 issues, which he came clean and apologized for.
    The Pres is supposed to be a man.

    Mitt Romney is just like Obama only GOP.

    Thune has not been in office long enough to have been a RINO.
    His voting record:

    He is against illegals. That is a #1 issue that the T-party, which I have departed from NEVER brings up, as does not Palin, who quit her job in the heat of the battle.

    So, we will agree to disagree. Its nice to see you put so much stock in a woman, however 😀 Makes a gal feel warm and cozy.

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