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HILLARY Resign? Why not Barack Obama and Eric Holder Too?


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Giving a whole new meaning to the term "cable internet service"

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It is becoming impossible to suspend disbelief that the Obama Administration had no means to shut-down WikiLeaks in the days following the original debacle. The President and the Attorney General had a duty to make that happen for the sake of National Security. They have both failed. Worse, their inaction has permitted the leaks to appear as if the leaks have been used as a tool to discredit the Secretary of State.  Even hackers have proven to be more effective than the Administration at doing jobs that Americans just won’t do.

It is time for both to resign.

Further thoughts and questions over at The Camp of the Saints.

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  1. 2010/12/01 01:42

    Ran: I can envision a scenario in which a politically ambitious Sec’y of State, would purposefully release ultimately insignificant documents to bait a paranoid, increasingly isolated and ever more unpopular president into “firing” such SoS. That SoS would then simultaneously play both the victim card and the wiser and more experienced statesman versus the fragile ego of the President.

    Two years to go here. Recent history proves that Democrat voters have the attention spans of gnats.

  2. 2010/12/01 02:10

    Hey I agree, mostly.
    Thought: Hillary playing victim would torpedo her one advantage, her purported strength as CINC. Victims and suckers don’t sell well to the “middle.” The scenario of bating may be as you say, but she’d have to frame it as his failure, not as her vulnerability. Either way, I know how I’ll frame it. Lew-zers, both of them.

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