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An Army of Weasels … Needs Bandwidth.


Obviously, some at the FCC and DHS have read Glenn Reynolds’ An Army of Davids and are inspired.  The response to an army of Davids, of course, is an army of weasels:

The Medium Is The Message

Big Sis at WalMarts.

GPS and RF-enabled gasoline taxes.

Smart Grids.

Internet and Cable Regulation.

Those government sponsored initiatives, combined, become huge stressors on communications supply.  There is even more in the works. Why settle for ubiquitous computing when one can create ubiquitous government?

Bandwidth… is fast becoming another battlespace in the effort to maintain Liberty.  As one wag put it over a decade ago, “Blessed be the bandwidth, my children.”  Amen.


UPDATE: Thank-you Glenn Reynolds!

Welcome InstaReaders!  the best blogs on the internet are over there —–>

in the side-bar.  Try ’em all.


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  1. 2010/12/08 15:13

    As always RAN, I am most grateful for the Linky Love

  2. 2010/12/08 19:19


  3. 2010/12/08 19:33

    Welcome aboard Chris!!

  4. 2010/12/09 02:25

    I just reread 1984 while on a short vacation. It had been many, many years since the first read. Today I understand the horror behind the story in a way I couldn’t have possibly done so back then.

  5. 2010/12/09 03:00

    Amen, Liberty Belle!

    I’d reread it too, but I can’t. That last scene – I’ll never forget it, even after 40 years. I didn’t understand the book at all until she admitted that she, too, had betrayed him. The whole thing hit me like timber.

    There was another book in the works at the same time, though by a man of the Right – Friedrich Hayek’s Road to Serfdom. I’m working through it now.

  6. 2010/12/09 11:03

    Ran: The Insty Link created quite a visit spike for me; 104 yesterday, so call that 90 or so if I factor myself out. Not at all bad for a puny part-time blog.


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