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Who are Iran’s Greens?


Trouble in Iran continues.

The Iranian Green Movement held a series of protests on campuses throughout Tehran and surrounding cities on December 7 and 8. Basij counter-protesters from the Government push back against the students.

Iran Dec. 07, 2010: Students & Basij units in the street

Is there any reliable data on who is Mir-Hossein Mousavi – the magnum Greenie? Are Iran’s “students” like the communist/anarchist rabble in France and UK trying to take down the Iranian system – and America and Israel and Europe with it?  (One who has noted Wiki’s leanings is inclined towards distrust.)

On the one hand, Michael Ledeen has been tremendously supportive of Mousavi and the Greens. Basiji and other government forces have been murdering students and Greens in the streets and jails. On the other, we don’t have a whole lot of reliable data on the political and economic aspirations of our erstwhile heros. I’d like a decent translation of some of Mousavi’s Iranian writings – not the fluff prepared for Western consumption.

And if the movement is as popular as Ledeen claims, they ought to move in and take-down the mullahs now – BEFORE Iran has assembled nukes. There can be only one purpose to waiting and it isn’t a bright and shiny one. (OK, perhaps, in a way…)

If both sides are enemies of the West, may they all lose. Big. If the Greens and their student supporters are pro-Western, then we ought to be backing them, even if it’s just speeches at the UN.

Before we are gulled into financial or military action, we need to know who they are.

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  1. 2010/12/10 18:22

    I’ve written some on Mousavi. When he was Prime Minister he was a really tough guy. ‘Tolerance’ wasn’t his platform, and if I remember correctly, he wasn’t tolerant toward women’s issues either – and he has a bunch of daughters – maybe 5.

    Today, his wife is very high profile and very vocal, said to be the Iranian Michelle Obama. Many young women see her as a role model. In the recent past he and his wife were photographed holding hands and kissing. The Mullahs condemned them.

    So apparently Mousavi has had a change in mindset since he was Prime Minister during the ’80’s. I hope that’s the case. People can change. The challenge is determining whether or not you can trust that change.

  2. 2010/12/10 18:31

    Any idea what they think of the West?

    There are one H3ll of a lot of “secularists” out there of the marxist persuasion who would oppose sharia and still wish to nuke America and the West. Saddam Hussein, Baby Assad, Gaddafi. With Mousavi, I just don’t know what’s on sale. The enemy of my enemy may be far worse, ultimately.

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