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Why “No Labels” is Misspelled


No Labels, you say? Got Squish?  ‘Tis easy to understand the Left’s need for constant re-branding:
. . .

“Marxists? Sorry Leon, old boy…

“Communists! Thanks Komrade Joe. A lot.

“Fabian Progressives? Sanger, you blew it for us. Bitch.

“Fascists? No, um, that didn’t work out so well…

“Liberals? Social Democrats! Yeah – why look at how Sweden and UK are coming along.               Maybe not.

“On second thought, well, let’s just ditch the labels. With America so “polarized” right and left, we can scoop The Middle! – Hey… Let’s even run Bloomie for Prez!!”

. . .

I’m not convinced it can work, let alone shift an election. First, who are the middle, and what do they want?

This much wooed “middle ground” is hardly a monolithic [ideological] bloc. Rather, it is composed of “Centrists”, “Moderates”, “Undecideds”, the Confused, the Uninformed and a whole lot of uncommitted shoppers looking for a Party that will represent their wallets and pet issues from election to election. Very importantly, the “middle” is composed as well of Libertarians and Conservatives long denied access to influence within the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Some Species Are More Threatened Than Others...

[RINO] Republican Doctrine is stunningly naive in that it misunderstands the needs of independents and it grossly denies the middle – everyone – a true Manichaean option. The one major Party with a core is now the Democrats, and it is hard Left. Denied the choice of a major-party straight Right alternative, a statistical Leftward electoral drift is – rather, was – inevitable.

The presumptive “inevitability” isn’t happening. So with the advent of the Obama-Messiah’s epic losses in 2010 at all levels of government, who wouldn’t want to re-Brand his Party’s massively unpopular ideology of debt-redistribution and big-government?

One can’t be sure that the new-model Statist offering will sell, however. “No Labels” is de facto a defensive proposition. One can’t sell an ideology that “isn’t” something. Buyers seek identifiable alternatives – they need and demand the substantive meanings behind “labels.” Worse, today’s American voter is far more news-alert and politically educated than any generation in a century. This nacent awareness is growing. One only needs to examine the success of book titles such as Mark Levin’s “Liberty Versus Tyranny” and the growing support for politicians such as Michele Bachmann, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan.

What “No Labels” is – or better, will be – is gentle-left-turn. With not much ditch remaining, it won’t take a whole lot of left-turn to put America entirely off of Liberty’s road. The problem with the Brand is consumer awareness… It’s a right-turn that’s needed. The real argument is how far right.

Who might “No Labels” voters be? Statists. People who believe in enlightened centralized power. There are not a lot of people who supported the Tea insurrection that will have anything to do with “No Labels” candidates – especially if “No Labels” offers-up ideologically confused and incompetent politicians such as Mayor “No Salt, No Smokes, No trans-Fats” Bloomberg. Talk about the “Party of No!”

Hence the misspelling… of “No Balls.”

. . .

UPDATE> As if on cue… David Frum has his junk examined by Victor Davis Hansen.

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  1. ccoffer permalink
    2010/12/13 20:32

    If these douchebags had there way, there would be one label…racist. It would apply to anyone who doesn’t agree with their statist agenda. In other words, just like they use it now.

  2. 2010/12/13 20:38

    Heh. Amen, Chuck.

  3. 2010/12/13 23:42

    Ran: Funny coincidence, I left a comment on Chris Fountain’s blog earlier today re the irresistible impulse possessing yuppie progressives to re-brand everything. CF’s post relates to the Greenwich Village YMCA’s termination of Santa in favor of Frosty the Snow Man and its management’s efforts to “RE-BRAND” the YMCA to the “Y.”

    Here da link:

    In the original story, someone had left a comment saying that there was no need to re-brand that particular Y; the Village People had done it decades ago

  4. 2010/12/13 23:51

    You can stay at the Y-iy-yi-yi

    Naw. Doesn’t work.


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